Jan 15, 2013

Mailbox Invaders - Underscoopfire Surprise Gift

Much like fellow blogger Jaime of Shezcrafti.com, I found a mysterious package on my porch yesterday from Howie Decker, head honcho over at Underscoopfire.com. And also like hers, mine included a handwritten note thanking me for visiting and posting to the site. It was written on a printout of what I'm presuming to be the four people that posted most on the site in 2012. For the record, I came in 4th only 1 post behind Jaime. Next time, Gadget!

Before we get to the eye goodies, I need to plug Underscoopfire again. If you're following me, you should check them out as well, they're all about pop culture, specifically for kids of the 80s. You can also check them out on the tweets

Not only did Howie send me some neat stuff for hanging around the site but they also have a rewards program where you get points for every visit and post. You can redeem them for gift cards and other stuff. I got a $10 GC for Barnes & Noble just from participating on the site. Not bad for free!

Here's what was in the box (it was not a head). Unlike Jaime, I tore into the two blind bagged Grab Zag items before the thought of a camera entered my tiny instant gratification brain.

The little Marvel things are a Spider-Man pen (black suit no less!) and a pair of flashlight/projectors for Ghost Rider and Capt. America. The Hawkeye thing is a disc launcher. Not long after this photo, I ripped into the Bill & Ted cards to find out if I was a winner. The scratch off card said "Sorry, Dude! Try again!"

This looks like a cool set because it covers both movies maybe even the cartoon but I didn't get any cards in my pack to prove that.

If you look really close, you'll see that middle-ish card of our heroes is not in fact our heroes! They're the TV incarnations. The what?! I remember the cartoon, the action figures and the cereal but not a live action show. After checking out IMDB, I now am on a mission to find any scrap of it to see Lisa Wilcox (Alice in the Nightmare on Elm St films) as Missy, Bill's young stepmom.

I'm going to see how long I can hold out on opening those Alf cards. It wouldn't be an issue but I noticed it has a Bouillabaseball card in it and I kinda want to see it.


  1. Bouillabaseball cards were a strange obsession of mine as a kid rivaled only by GPK. I bought dozens upon dozens of packs of ALF cards just for the Bouillabaseball cards.

  2. Very cool and I will have to check out the site sometime too.

  3. There's a rewards program? o_O You mean all this time I've been commenting because I just like it over there?

    1. You have to be signed into the reward system (PunchTab) to rack up points.