Nov 26, 2012

Mailbox Invaders - SLUG Zombies Series 1

Thanks to Twitter user CRPechonick, I am now six steps closer to my plan of SLUG zombie domination! After exchanging some tweets and pointing him to my Toy Trading page, we figured out we could swap six figures that each other needed. And it's a good thing too since Series 1 only showed it's severed head in my area as the single blind packed figures.
Now I only need one more to get all the Series 1 that I want.

Since this was the first time I'd seen any of these in person, it was pretty exciting!
SLUG Zombies series 1 figure Cap'n Scurvy Jack Inspector Bones

Cap'n Scurvy Jack - Not one of the most zombified figures in the line. If you painted him up right, he could look like McDonaldland's Captain Crook after a rough night...or Keith Richards, your call.

Inspector Bones - One thing I'm starting to notice with SLUG Zombies is that they have a habit of losing footwear. The Inspector is in fine form with his coat, pipe (which is holding the eye that popped out of his head!), deerstalker hat and cracked magnifying glass.

SLUG Zombies series 1 eric the dead gutslingin grimm

Eric the Dead - If there's any figure in the entire line that is less zombified than the Cap'n above, it's Eric. His eyes are buggin out a little but that's it. His clothes are in fine shape. If you cast him in the human flesh color, he could be a Viking zombie slayer. Note to Jakks Pacific: You can use this idea free of charge! I need more zombie hunters out of time.

Gutslingin' Grimm - Grimm has not had a good time post mortem. He's taken eight shots, most of which were through and throughs, except for the headshot and a shot in his right buttock. I love the characters from different time periods! At one time I had thought about collecting Playmobil warrior figures from different historic eras but realized it would spiral out of control quickly.

SLUG Zombies series 1 Decyain Dom Neail Armgone

Decayin Dom - An obvious homage to Tarman from Revenge of the Living Dead, Dom is crawling out of a barrel of radioactive waste...or Trioxin. He's got great detail with the goop dripping from him and his brain showing through his head wound is awesome.

Neil Armgone - This was the figure I went the most crazy about when I saw Series 1 for the first time. As a kid I was always fascinated with NASA and astronauts. As an adult, I'm in love with pulp/retro scifi art. There's no question about who his name refers to and he's a zombie astronaut!

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