Nov 12, 2012

Mail Order Monday - 3 Musketeers Fencing Set (1956)

Wow, I can't believe it's been two whole months since the last Mail Order Monday!

Mail Order Three Musketeers Fencing Set ad 1956

Today's ad is from 1956 and will let you and a friend poke out your eyes together!

For the low, low price of $2.98 (plus .36 shipping) you'll get:
  • a fencing instruction booklet
  • two 26" fencing foils with handguards and rubber-tipped points
  • Two elasticized clear plastic face shields
  • Two fencing club buttons
What? No cape? That kid on the right is clearly wearing a cape! Yes, I know he's also wearing that weird leotard with the heart "kill zone" marked on it, but do you really want that? It looks like they may have included the heart targets in the case, unless those are the fencing club buttons. But that would be like an NRA member wearing a bulls-eye button.

The ad promises a lot: mighty wrists (do you need that?), fearing no one in the world (as long as you have your foil?), moving faster than the eye can follow (why not become a magician?) and being welcomed and honored the world over by other fencing clubs and fencers (I'm no world traveler, but how many fencers have you met in your travels?)

I tried searching for more information on this item but wasn't able to find anything. 
What I did find, was this lovely photo of the Huntsville Fencing Club's 2008 Christmas Party.


  1. I wonder if any of these are still floating around somewhere.

    1. After watching so many episodes of Toy Hunter, I'd be willing to bet someone out there has a set.

  2. I agree about that shirt with a heart on it. It's not like you want to help the other person lethally stab you! That is a surprisingly jolly group of fencers, although it was their Christmas party. I guess I pictured really serious people under those masks. I was also surprised to see so many women in the photo. That makes me feel encouraged to try fencing as a new hobby. :) It always looks so cool and dramatic in the movies.

    1. I think fencing is more of a feminine a good way! It's more about grace and agility as opposed to beating your opponent senseless. Although I've seen women that can do that too!