Nov 23, 2012

Creepmas Is Almost Here!

With turkey day behind us, we're now a little over a week away from Creepmas! I know in the Venn diagram of my readers there's a lot of overlap and you Halloween fiends are in touch with each other, but on the chance that you're wondering what Creepmas is all about...

Last year, on November 3, 2011, artist Chad Savage tweeted: "The incursion of Christmas into Autumn has me seriously considering leaving my Halloween yard decor up until January. Christmas scarecrows!" Shortly thereafter, he tweeted again saying his awesome wife gave the thumbs up to keeping the scarecrows out.

The following day, I proposed Creepmas become a thing. 
Read the original post HERE.

Within hours, the idea caught fire and here we are! The "Creep" is a double entendre, referring to Christmas creeping into Autumn/October/Halloween and to the "creepy" nature of what we're proposing, here. CREEPMAS!

For more information, head over to where you can read a little more on how this got started and sign up to join in the fun. There's even some freakishly festive badges you can use on your site to promote Creepmas done by another creepy cool guy, Monsterfink.
I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS
Even if you decide not to participate but like the idea, you can help by spreading the ghoultide cheer on your own social platforms of choice. Last year we had around 55 people participate which is pretty good for a new holiday!
I know there have to be more like minded folks out there, we just have to find em!

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