Nov 6, 2012

Toon Alert - Bravest Warriors

I was wondering if I could go a whole week without posting...

Bravest Warriors is the latest toon from the brain of Adventure Time creator Pendelton Ward. While it may look identical to Adventure Time, I think if you watch this preview clip, you'll see the intended audience may be a bit older.

Bravest Warriors will debut new episodes Thursdays on the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel starting November 8th.
 It originally started out as a short a few years ago, which you can watch below.

They also launched a new comic book series last week. There are four variant covers for the first issue but naturally I had to pick up this Star Wars inspired one.

It's already grabbed me like Adventure Time first did. Even though it's using familiar tropes, it's being done in such an original way that I'm all in.It does creep me out a little that one of the characters, Beth, looks like Marceline.

You can find Bravest Warriors on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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