Nov 28, 2012

League Post - Shelf Expression

This week's League assignment is a fairly simple photographic request:
Post a photo of a shelf of items that displays your love for pop culture.
It's a little cluttered but if you click for a larger view you can find all kinds of stuff here.

And I couldn't just let it go at one. Here's the top 4/5 of another bookshelf.

Here's what other League Memembers are showing off
Monster Cafe Saltillo has lots of pics!
Plenty more toys over at Goodwill Geek
Lair of the Dork Horde shows a glimpse of his work desk


  1. Sweets Shelves!!! Love the overall diversity but the mini-themes work very nicely.

    1. I have too much stuff to put out everything so I just put out a little from each theme.

  2. Love the Darth Vader Stein !! Got one myself, its a great piece. Nice display !!!

    1. Thanks! That stein is one of my prize pieces in my Star Wars collection. There were initially only 1977 made and when I first received mine, the handle was broken. The company sent me a replacement and the general vibe I got was that it wasn't an uncommon occurrence. So I have to suspect that there are really less than 1977 in existence.

  3. I dig the arrangement! Nice variety. You can't really go wrong with a Boba Fett shelf either!
    Good stuff!