Nov 4, 2012

Great Pumpkin Exchange Shakeout

Hey there, blog readers!
I've heard back from around half the people that signed up for the Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange. I'm going to send out emails to some of you regarding the below info but as I've found, a lot of people never received the initial emails from me and/or follow up emails. Hopefully, this will reach people my emails don't.

Here are the people that have confirmed they got their gift or that I have been able to confirm delivery for using the tracking info supplied by their Great Pumpkin.

Reis @ Dork Horde
Lisa @ Maple Grove Cemetery
Rondal @ Strange Kids Club
Ron @
It Came From The Man Cave
Tommy @ Tophat Sasquatch
The Goodwill Geek
Jason L
Shawn @

The below folks I have no confirmation from yet. 
I think some of you used return receipt instead of delivery confirmation, which is totally fine but I can't check it through USPS. If you got a return receipt back for anyone below, please let me know.
If you're listed below and got your gift, please let me know.
I am thinking Hurricane Sandy may have delayed some packages that were shipped out later.

 Christopher Tupa
Tom Freak

And these people have their own twists to them

Tom Freak
Your gifts are being sent internationally. 
Please let me know when you get them.

James-Michael Roddy
Your gift should arrive by 11/7 at the latest per your Great Pumpkin.

Brian @
I may have made a huge mistake and sent your Great Pumpkin someone else's info.
I will get it sorted out and if this is what happened, I'll be sending you something to make up for my error.

I believe you are the person whose info I accidentally sent to Brian's Great Pumpkin so, if I have everything figured correctly, you should be getting 2 packages.
Please let me know when they get there.

I know a lot of this doesn't effect a good number of you but I wanted to be up front with all involved as to what's going on behind the scenes. I feel I owe it to you guys and hope things will end up working out. I learned quite a bit from my first stab at something like this and can promise similar events in the future will run smoother.

I'll also be posting my own gifts in the near future.
AEIOU may be taking a break this week to recharge from 31 days of posting.


  1. Whoops! ;) No worries Dex! I know how much of a headache it can be to run this kind of thing, and I still had fun playing the Great Pumpkin.

  2. This was a great event! Thank you for organizing it all and making my Halloween more fun!