Toy Trading

Do you collect blind bagged LEGO, Doctor Who or Playmobil?
There's a site called Miniature Trading that can help you with that. 

They don't just deal in LEGO, they also cover miniatures trading games like HeroClix, GI Joe, Kre-O, Doctor Who Character Building and even collectible card games.
If you sign up, please mention me as your reference. My handle there is dex13

In case we can help each other out, here are my lists.

LEGO Blind Bag Figures

Series 4 - Werewolf
Series 8 - Evil Robot, Cowgirl
Series 9 - Mr Good & Evil
Series 11 - Constable x2

Series 1 - Zombie*, Magician, Robot
Series 2 - Pharoah
Series 11 - Island Warrior

*=I will trade multiples in your favor for the Zombie

Character Building Doctor Who
Series 2 - 11th Doctor (brown), Amy Pond (blue scarf)
Series 3 - 11th Doctor (Green Longcoat), Sontaran, Amy Pond (w/ tally marks), Rory Williams (w/ eyepatch)

Series 1 - Weeping Angel
Series 3 - Judoon Trooper, Vashta Narada

Playmobil Blind Bag Figures
Series 2 - Fairy

Series 1 (Pink) - Witch
Series 2 (Green) - Mars Man, Future Soldier
Series 2 (Orange) - Vampiress

SLUG Zombies
Series 1
Want: Officer RIP (cop), King Guts (Egyptian)

Series 2
Have: Stu B You (cook), Teddy Terror, Capt Payback x2 (human w/ rocket launcher), Gator Jones (Crocodile Dundee), Cleopatra Commin'Atcha, Blazin Bazel (fireman)

Series 3
Have: Squeamy Sashimi (sushi)
Want: Decrepit Katie (nurse), Riled Up Riley (Shaun), Trashcan Sam

Series 4
Have: Jamaica Me Sick, Dismembered Dennis (crates), Sawblade Sampson (Ash, Evil Dead), Decomposing Dan (painter), Leo the Lifeless (Larry)
Want: Play It Safe Sammy (Hazmat)

It's easiest for me to trade within the US but I'm willing to go international if necessary.
If you want to trade, email me at AEIOUwhy13 (at) with Toy Trade in the subject.


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