Oct 9, 2015

Halloween 2015 MA Lottery Ticket

My home state can be hit or miss year to year for Halloween themed lottery tickets.
The good news is, we got one this year!

They did the Cash...they did the Monnn-ster Cash.

Nah, just doesn't have a good sound to it. But I did uncover a pumpkin icon which doubled the $5 winnings below it! Woo-hoo!!

Empty graves on this one :(

As of now, I think these are the only two variants of the ticket.

I started an open Flickr album for people to post their state lottery tickets. If you have any, please feel free to add them to the album. Or if you could send me pictures/scans I'd be happy to post them.

Before you run off to check out all the Cryptkeepers at Countdown to Halloween, here is today's audio Trick or Treat mix: Dr Demento's Demented Halloween.


  1. Hey! Congrats on your winnings! That's always fun. I should keep an eye out for Halloween lottery tickets. I haven't seen any yet.

    1. The best way to check is to go to your state lottery website. That's how I found out there were two variations this year.

  2. I've been posting Halloween scratch-offs on my blog for several years. But, this year Ohio doesn't have one. We have a ticket called Lucky Devil with a cutesy devil guy on it. I don't think it's supposed to be for Halloween though.

    1. Yeah, it's hit or miss some years in MA too. I mean, they do Xmas ones every single year, why not Halloween?

  3. Wow a rare Halloween win! Congrats! Looks like your state has one of the best designs I've seen this year! Fun!



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