Jan 25, 2013

Mailbox Invaders - LEGO & Living Dead

Here's some recent additions to my growing ranks of LEGO minifigs.

Thanks to a trade from all around cool guy William B West, I have the Series 9 Alien Avenger. But I like to call him Space Orc. He's a good counterpart to the Series 7 Galaxy Patrol (Space Marine). I have to wonder if they're both inspired by Warhammer 40k.

 It's almost too bad he's got the big armor chest piece. They put some nice detail into his torso. If you look at the larger version, you can see in the upper left of his chest it looks like a name written on it. My best guess is SHANI? Or maybe it's just some random characters.

LEGO minifig series 9 alien avenger

These next two I got in trades from Miniature Trading which is an awesome site that matches you up with people around the world to swap! They also handle Playmobil and assorted card/mini games.

LEGO minifig series 7 rocker girl

I'm glad this one is named Rocker Girl, because I don't know otherwise if I'd know she was a girl. Yes, she has lipstick and pink hair but she's also from the glam rock era so it could be a guy. I like how the lightning bolt carries across her face, top and guitar. The only problem with her is her long hair prevents you from turning her head side to side much.

LEGO minifig ocean king series 7

As I mentioned previously, I set my sights on the Ocean King from Series 7 for his tail. Series 10 is supposed to have a Medusa figure but she'll probably have human legs. I want his tail to make an old school Clash of the Titans Medusa. Ok, so it's not exactly a snake tail...close enough! And I'll have to get her a bow of course!

This last one was a bargain score. I found it in Barnes & Noble in the 75% clearance bin. They still had a bit of Halloween stuff in there, but nothing very exciting. It was marked down because the box was open but the bag was still sealed so it was a mystery what I was getting.

Living Dead Dolls mystery box series 2 Walpurgis

This is Walpurigs from the Living Dead Dolls Mystery Box Series 2. She's about 2" tall and came with a cool goblin/bogey standup. She is the 2nd rarest version of this figure in the set with an 8% chance of scoring her in a box. Walpurgis Night is a European spring festival held exactly 6 months from Halloween.

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  1. She could be a he and you could say it's Ziggy Stardust lol.



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