Dec 1, 2020

Creepmas Creeps - Frau Perchta

 I am, for the most part, having a lazy Creepmas this year. I'm taking the topics for the #MakingCreepmas daily drawing challenge and posting a bit about them. Mostly from other sources. I told you I was going to be lazy! Note they will not always line up day to day.

A whole lot more people are now aware of Krampus but there are still so many terrifying characters around the world that need to be shared!

Frau Perchta - The Belly Slitter 
(Austria, parts of Germany and Italy)
This image was found on where they have D&D stats for her!

Frau Perchta will reward good children and punish the bad.  She also punishes women for unkempt households and unspun flax. For those she deems good, a silver coin is left for them.  If she deems you unworthy, if you forget to leave out a bowl of porridge for her, if your flax is half spun and unfinished, she slits open your abdomen, removes your organs, and replaces them with straw.  She was also associated with the Wild Hunt, flying through the night sky while accompanied by her demonic Perchten — Krampus-looking creatures — and elves and unbaptized babies. During the last three Thursdays before Christmas, you will hear the sounds of thunder and wind roaring, however it is really Frau Perchta leading her Wild Hunt.
Suddenly a lump of coal in the ol' stocking doesn't sound so bad, eh?

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  1. The belly slitter. What were parents on telling children this. Crazy fun though.

    1. Yeah I find it funny back then it was all like behave or really bad things will come for you and now it's just Santa's watching, no presents for bad kids.