Dec 2, 2020

Creepmas Creeps - The Christmas Cat & Gryla

You may think a Christmas Cat doesn't sound particularly frightening.

 Jólakötturinn or The Christmas Cat

Jólakötturinn, also known as the Yule Cat, eats children (and sometimes adults) who don’t receive any new clothes before Christmas night. Back then, all family members were tasked with chores related to wool production. Since the only thing a family could afford for Christmas was woolen clothes as gifts, it was only possible if everyone completed their tasks in time. Thus the legend of Jólakötturinn was born, to scare children and lazy adults into completing their work.

Some versions of the folklore have the Cat only eating the food of people that don't have new clothes. But let's be honest, a little human food isn't going to satisfy an enormous feline!

 The Cat is the house pet of giantess Gryla. Similar to Krampus, Gryla goes on the hunt for misbehaved children and collects them in a sack which she then takes back to her cave for a feast. Her favorite dish is a stew made from the children.

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  1. These posts are freaking me out. So much crazy, wild lore out there. Thought there was only the Krampus. I was dead wrong.