Dec 11, 2020

Creepmas Creeps - Kallikantzaroi

Image by Nmsndr on Newgrounds

Kallikantzaroi are mischievous goblins that emerge during the winter solstice, or 12 Days of Christmas, when the sun stops its seasonal movement. This time is also known as, yule, or Yuletide. According to legend, any child born during this time may transform into a Kallikantzaroi during this time of year when they are older. This could be prevented by binding the child in tresses or straw or garlic or singeing their toenails. (WHAT?)

Their appearance varies from region to region, sometimes small, sometimes large. The common description imagines them as tall, black and hairy with burning red eyes, animalistic ears, lolling tongues, and a large head. The art above is based on their appearance in the TV show Grimm.

They are said to dwell underground where they work at sawing the World Tree to cause it, and the Earth, to collapse. Just when they are about to finish their dastardly deed, Christmas rolls around and they go above ground to torment humans. They are described as more oafish than evil.

When the sun begins moving again, January 6, they return underground only to find the World Tree has healed itself and begin sawing at it again.

Some ways to protect yourself

   Hang the lower jaw of a pig behind the front door or inside the chimney.

    Toss a pair of old, smelly shoes onto a burning fire. The stink of aged sweat and burning soles is said to repel the creatures. (and probably most people!)

     Leave a fire burning in the fireplace, all night, so that they could not enter through it. Sometimes this would be a large piece of wood burned for all 12 days of Christmas, also known as a Yule log.

    Leave a colander on your doorstep at night. Legend has it, they cannot count above two because three is a holy number. They would rather die than say it! So they spend the entire night counting the holes until dawn.

    Mark your door with a black cross on Christmas Eve.

At the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas, priests would visit every home and bless them with holy water to drive the Kallikantzaroi away.

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