Dec 5, 2020

Happy Krampusnacht

 December 5th is traditionally Krampusnacht so what better day to talk about Krampus? I feel like he's gotten enough exposure in recent years that people know his deal so I'm going to show off a few cool Krampus things around the internets.

First, is this FYE exclusive Krampus on the Mantle set.

It comes with a 15" tall stuffed Krampus (naturally), a mini demon teddy bear and an insane gingerbread man. The product page says this is a Deluxe version and it looks like last year FYE released just the Krampus figure on his own. Don't know how I missed that last year!

You can pre-order this box of joy from FYE. I did! 
Speaking of the movie version of Krampus...
Fright Rags has a 20 page activity book with coloring pages, puzzles, and even a recipe for evil gingerbread man cookies. As of this writing, the book is sold out but they should get more in stock if you keep an eye on it. I grabbed this and the Trick R Treat activity book and I think any fan of the films would enjoy these.

From seller HangEmUpSigns on Etsy, you can find this wooden sign. I really like the art style on this one and it's not someone just reusing art they found online to make a product to sell.

This video is from last year's "Krampus Run"in Welzenegg, Austria. It's not an athletic run but a parade of Krampus swatting the crowd with sticks. It's more fun than it sounds!

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