Dec 6, 2020

Creepmas Creeps - Lussi

Lussi by Rynan5 via DeviantArt
 Some tales say Lussi is a Nordic sorceress that rides with her followers, an assortment of gnomes, trolls and other beasts, on December 13th looking to cause trouble and scare humans. Should you cross paths with them outside, you might be abducted to the underworld. Worse, it was thought they could pull your spirit from your sleeping body! This created the tradition known as Lussivaka where people would not go to sleep that night, which has naturally now become an excuse to party all night.

Lussi herself may even come down your chimney to claim you if you were a misbehaved child or even an adult that was slacking on their Yule time chores. It was also important to take good care of your animals this time of year as on this night, they could talk to each other...and to Lussi! If you didn't treat your animals well, they might rat you out to Lussi and her spirits who would not look kindly on any mistreatment.

On the Christian flip side, Saint Lucy (or St. Lucia) is the bearer of light during the dark winter. She was a young woman that was martyred in 304CE. She helped persecuted Christians living in the Roman catacombs by bringing them food and water. She wore a wreath of candles on her head to be able to carry more supplies while making her way through the dark passages. This symbolism has been included in modern celebrations as young ladies will wear similar head gear.

St Lucy's day is celebrated in many Nordic countries, Italy, Croatia, and even the US. 

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