Sep 26, 2014

September 2014 Loot Crate - Galactic

I always look forward to getting Loot Crate every month, but I don't think I've been as excited for an overall theme since my first Crate, Arcade way back in April of 2013. Especially intriguing was the tease that we'd be getting another Funko exclusive item.

Loot Crate - Minimag

As usual, we'll start off with the mini-mag. I love the cover, calling back to the end of Empire Strikes Back and featuring all the properties in the Crate this month.

Like the Crate itself, this month's mini-mag is Firefly heavy. There's a spread on some of the iconic things from the series like Mal's coat, Jayne's hat, and Wash's dinosaurs. The main article is about their new 15 minute short based on Firefly called The Verse.
You can see that right here.

Loot Crate - Box

Another stellar (pun...intended? I'm not sure.) interior box design with some fun details. It's no accident that it resembles the deck of the Sulaco from Aliens. You can even see a Weyland-Yutani crate on the right. And if you squint (or click on the pic for larger view) you can see R2-D2 in the back left. But who's that in the foreground, you ask?

Loot Crate - Alien & Mal

Why it's our Funko exclusive Science Fiction Mystery Mini: Captain Mal from Firefly! Yes, it's a "Mystery" Mini but the box has a Loot Crate logo and sports rifle-toting Mal front and center. The retail series also has Mal, but that one is pistol packin. So the only place you can get this figure is from Loot Crate. Funko has another winning series on its hands with these SciFi ones. Can't wait to get more!

The other Funko item we got was an Alien ReAction figure. Not everyone got the same figure but from the posts I've seen, a lot more people seem to have gotten the xenomorph than any other figure. My wife's Crate had Spacesuit Kane. This is my first ReAction and I know I'll open it eventually but I just can't right now. It looks so glorious on card and it's unpunched to boot. The xeno has a tiny lever so you can extend/retract his inner jaws and he also has a glow in the dark noggin!

Loot Crate - Firefly credits

Speaking of Firefly, we also got some beautiful prop replica credits. There's a few in each denomination, 100 and 500. I'm not a huge Firefly fan but I do love some prop replicas. I've seen other Looters framing them. They really are that nice to look at!

Loot Crate - Tribble

From another galaxy came this exclusive tribble. (And yet, I'm talking like Yoda.) The packaging says on it that this specific coloring and package were made just for Loot Crate. It also suggests keeping it away from Klingons! Always good advice. It's not too big (see last photo for scale) so you'll need more than a few if you want to bury yourself in them.

Loot Crate - Star Wars poster & magnet

Out of all the franchises teased for this month, I was most excited for Star Wars. But I was a little disappointed.The first item is a frozen Han Solo poster that's 9" x 27". I don't know if I have the space to display it properly but it's probably as close as I'll ever get to having a real carbonite block hanging on my wall. The other thing is a cool Asteroids/Empire Strikes Back mashup magnet. There's a better view coming up...

Loot Crate - Halo, Star Wars magnet

You can see the magnet better here with the Falcon flying through an Asteroids field being chased by a Star Destroyer, TIE Fighters, and a space slug! The slug is really what makes this so awesome. There's also a redeemable code for a free Halo comic from Dark Horse and Pop Rocks! I love when they toss in random candy.

Overall, I think they did a great job this month and yet the Star Wars fan in me is a little let down. I know they can't please everyone all the time, and I've seen the messages to prove it. I'd be happier if they gave us one Firefly thing and combined the Star Wars items to make one really cool Star Wars thing. Such is the Way of the Crate: if you can't find at least one thing you like, there's always next month.

If you want to get this kind of geeky stuff sent to your door every month, head over to Loot Crate and use code AEIOUWHY for 10% your entire order. Because just getting it for one month isn't a good gauge, as you can see from past posts.

Loot Crate - Mal vs Tribble
That's one big tribble!
Loot Crate provides this merchandise in exchange for review/promotion.

Loot Crate - Mal closeup

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