Sep 17, 2014

League No More!

It was with heavy heart that I caught up on my RSS feeds last night when I saw that Brian at Cool and Collected is closing down the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. Although Cool and Collected and the other League members aren't going anywhere, I'll still miss having a topic thrown at me to write about.

Over the course of the League, 75 different blogs have risen to the weekly challenge at one time or another. Some of these cool people I may not have met otherwise. I think the League's lasting legacy will be the community and friendships that formed around it.

Brian's post says "Goodbye" to the League, but I prefer to say "Until next time." Like any good super team, I think the League will wait in the wings until the world needs them again and their leader (whether new or old) calls for them to assemble.

Huge thanks to Brian and all the bloggers who made The League so much fun.
*Cue the slow clap*

Really, Superfriends? If you need pall bearers, why choose the Flash? That's gotta be some kind of torture for him to have to walk as slow as everyone else.


  1. I was so sad to hear this news as well. :( The League seriously helped my blog rise out of obscurity. I owe a great deal to Brian and The League! I contributed to the challenges very rarely for the last few months because of time restraints, and now I wish I could go back in time.

    I thought about it, and I have decided to go back and take on all the League challenges I missed and keep posting them to my blog once a month. I'll call it "League Posts of Blogging Past." I will post the links of past contributors to the challenges and welcome anyone that wants to join me in this endeavour.

    1. That's an awesome idea, Mason! I know I missed some here and there due to time or other things going on.
      If I was struggling for something to blog about, the League usually had my back.

    2. I've got it, I'll call it LOEB Reruns! Just like great cartoons and TV shows of the past The LOEB can live on in syndication!

    3. I fully endorse this idea! ;)

  2. That's sad. I thought about participating in some of the League topics, but never did. I enjoyed reading others posts though. :/