Sep 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Before things get to crazy with the Countdown to Halloween in a couple days, I wanted to do a quick birthday post to show off some stuff. It's kinda braggy but it's my blog! My family and a couple friends came around to celebrate with my this weekend. We walked around Salem and then went to dinner. Nothing too exciting but it was fun and I got to finally go into Fivehands Curiosity Shoppe. That will be getting its own post in October because...well, you'll just have to stay tuned.

Guardians Cake

Usually, I have a Halloween themed cake but my wife knows me well and changed it up this year. The Milano is a separate piece that comes off the purple block that's sitting on the cake. But how cool is that decorating job they did? This was just the start of the Guardians stuff!

Guardians of the Galaxy party

The two bags are from Subway, but the rest of the stuff was from Party City. They also have invitations and balloons. I noticed that Gamora only appears on the napkins. She's not even on the table cloth which has all the other heroes on it! #WheresGamora

Anyway, here's some of the other goodies I got.

Star Wars Itty Bitties

The new Star Wars Itty Bittys from Hallmark. Vader's a little hard to see, poor choice in background on my part! Usually, these are sold individually but the ones in the box set are only available as a set. It says the box makes a backdrop if you open it up, but I may never do that. Just like all the other Itty Bittys, these are insanely cute. I'm not a fan of the way they did Artoo's legs/arms, but the rest are awesome.

Star Wars sheet music

This is something a little different for my Star Wars collection: sheet music! It's just a two page folder but I think it's pretty neat. I don't have any sheet music and it's from the 70s.

Star Wars Rebels bags

A few more kids meal bags from Subway. These are promoting the upcoming animated series Rebels on Disney XD. These are a bit smaller than the Guardians bags due to one of the corners being cut diagonally. The graphics look really sharp and they each have an image of the back as well.

Key ring

A whole bunch of keys! I'm sure I'll break these out into their own post in the future. There's a few interesting looking ones that need to be seen in more detail. Side note: Am I the only person that would get excited at getting old keys as a gift?

Spooky Groot

It's Spooky Groot! Well, ok, it's not really Groot but I thought it was funny and this is how my parents gave it to me. It has a color changing light inside of it to make him spooky.

Costume Book, Vincent Price Set

What more could you want for October? Swedish Fish, the first volume of the Vincent Price Collection on BluRay, and Halloween: Costumes and Other Treats. I forsee a couple of afternoons of Price viewing and Swedish Fish eating in my future! I haven't had a chance to read much of the book, but if the following doesn't sell you on it, nothing will...

Costume book

It's just pages and pages of old school Halloween costumes and stuff. And it's not just 70s/80s stuff, it goes back earlier in the 20th century. I think this book will have you questioning your Halloween costume choices throughout your childhood. Well, if you're around my age anyway...

That about wraps it up. I did get a few more Guardians goodies early this morning so I didn't have time to take pics. Among the things were a Rocket Raccoon lanyard, a pair of gigantic movie theater cups with character toppers, and a Tervis tumbler.


  1. Nice haul! And yeah, it's sad they excised Gamora from the GotG stuff probably because those were birthday decorations for boys. Boo on that!

    1. I know right? Leia was a main character in the original movies and she was on everything!

  2. Hope that you have a very pleasant Birthday...

  3. The cake looks amazing with the Guardians’ cake topper. The design and choice of colors are great. I’m also preparing a cake for my daughter’s birthday as she turns 6 next week. Since we didn’t have a birthday party last year, we’re organizing one this year and have also booked a lovely party space at one of the San Francisco venues.