Sep 24, 2014

Hunting Halloween Hot Wheels

Do you live near a Kroger? 
I'm putting a call out to my fellow toy collectors around the blogosphere for help.

Kroger stores have five exclusive Halloween Hot Wheels again this year and of course, the closest store is 100+ miles away from me. 

Hot Wheels Collectors News has images of the exclusives. 
One of  them is a new Ecto-1 repaint!

If you find these at your Kroger, I would appreciate it beyond words if you could pick me up a set (and maybe an extra Ecto). I can't offer a lot beyond cost and shipping but you can be sure I'll put together a small Trick or Treat package for you.

Hot Wheels also has some new General Mills cereal releases in their Pop Culture line which may be of interest to Halloween fiends. These aren't store specific.

Hot Wheels seems to have all but given up on putting any effort into the annual Target Halloween packs. There was a time when I was excited to find these in stores every year but now...meh. They've reduced down to a four car pack and the cars range from "yeah it could be Halloween" to "yup, it's a car" in theme. Another plus for the Kroger exclusives is that those cars have a small Hot Wheels pumpkin logo on them to make them Halloween specific.

Here's this year's Target pack:

The two most Halloweenie cars (middle) are repacks from the Monster Mission 5 Pack. Which works out to one more car for about the same price. So if you want those, I'd suggest looking for that 5 pack because you'd also get the funky Piranha Terror car. The box art is appropriately spooky and fun, if only they could do cars to match.


  1. I will hit up our Krogers this week and see if i can find any of these for you Dex.

    1. I remember the last time Kroger's put out a Halloween Ecto-1 - I am pretty sure jBoy got me one then, so he is your go-to guy! Good luck!

  2. Replies
    1. It is a feisty lookin little thing ain't it?

  3. Happy Birthday! I just bought the Ecto and Bone shaker ones for your be delivered next week. Much love from your fav GF! :)