Sep 4, 2014

Marvel Legends Star-Lord Figure

Star-Lord, man.

Star-Lord hero pose

Star-Lord is the first Marvel Legends figure I've ever bought, so I thought I'd show him off and give a mini-review. I listen to Marvelicious Toys podcast. They review all sorts of Marvel collectibles and toys and they always have great things to say about Legends. If you're not familiar with the line, they're 6" scale and are loaded with articulation.

Star-Lord air blasting
Pew! Pew! Pew! Rocket boots, awaaaaaay!
He comes with plenty of accessories, including his twin pistols and "purse." The satchel is not removable unless you pop an arm out of its socket. I'm not sure if it's possible considering how the figures are made, but since I paid $20 for him, I'd rather not damage him. I don't know why they couldn't have made it with a buckle to make it easy to take off. They did something like that with the recent Dagobah Luke Skywalker's backpack. Granted it looks a little weird in that size but maybe it would work in the slightly larger Legends scale.

Speaking of non-removable accessories, I love the long coat but it would have been awesome if they could finagle some way to make the bottom half removable so he could also sport the biker type jacket he wears for most of the movie. Aside from looking cool, having the biker jacket would allow him full use of all articulation points, if you know what I mean. And what I mean is, the long coat prevents him from being posed in several positions and makes the chest articulation almost useless.

Star-Lord rockin
If you like Piña Colaaadaaaaaaaas
He also comes with headphones and a tiny yellow block which I presume to be his Walkman. It doesn't fit in his hand too well due to it's small size and I bet it could get lost very easily, which is why I'm keeping it in a ziploc baggy with the rest of his stuff. Another small improvement would have been to put a peg on the back of it and a hole on his belt so he could wear it. Oh yeah! He also comes with two, two, two heads! This is something I applaud them heartily for. They could have gone with just the unmasked face and had some kind of clip on mask which would probably not looked as cool as the alternate head.

Star-Lord ord
Ooh, shiny!
And Star-Lord just wouldn't be complete without the movie's MacGuffin: the orb. It's not as small as the walkman, but it is round which means it will roll if you drop it on a hard floor.

Star-Lord elbow

The previous things I've groused about are relatively minor. I am not a fan of the way they do the elbow joints. The hinge piece in the middle is rubbery which makes it almost impossible to have the figure hold its arm straight out. As you can see in the photo, the arm is extended but not quite straight, like he had a fracture that didn't heal properly.

There's also an issue with his shoulder on this side. The jacket is molded a little too tight around the socket. I have to stick a something inside the coat to loosen it and allow the shoulder to rotate to specific angles.

Even my bigger problems with the figure aren't so major, he really is a nice piece of work. I almost forgot, he also comes with a Groot arm. The Legends usually come with a build-a-figure part, which means you have to buy most, if not all, of the figures in a wave to build the bonus figure. That's how they get you! I'll show Groot off sometime in the future once I have more parts.

Here's a few more shots for fun.

Star-Lord incoming

Uh-oh, what was that?

Star-Lord busted

Throw down your weapons, we have you surrounded!

Star-Lord vs Fett 1

This is why it's not the best idea to go around air guitaring when you think you're alone.

Star-Lord vs Fett 2

Oh, uh...hey there Mister Fett...

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