Apr 13, 2013

Mailbox Invaders - Trading Post Success

Thanks to the recent League of Extraordinary Bloggers post where we all put up stuff for trade, I got more than I bargained for. Literally!

I set up a trade with Jboy from Revenge of the Cosmic Ark to get a couple of LEGO minifigs and one of the new Battle Beasts figures. What did I get?
A box full of frickin awesome is what!

LEGO Hot Wheels Atari Battle Beasts Secret Saturdays

Just look at all that goodness! To start, he sent the two Atari Hot Wheels that I've been hunting all over for to finish the set. My wife recently went out to CO and I had her looking out there too. The Secret Saturdays was a favorite cartoon of mine since it debuted so it was cool to get this little set. The figures are neat considering they're only a couple inches.

I don't know if this Corps figure is a pilot, astronaut or some kind of android but he can pop and lock like nobody's business!

Activision Barnstorming LCD game from Burger King

I might open this and see if the battery still works.
As a first gen Atari kid, it's cool to have for the Activision artwork alone.

battle beasts mini mates snake walrus

These guys are from the latest incarnation of one my childhood favorite toy lines, Battle Beasts. I was very against the idea of these from the start because they were so different from the toys I collected. Also, I just don't like Mini-Mates as much as LEGO and Playmobil. Both of these guys have holes in their back so they can wear their weapons, which is a genius idea.

The snake is by far the better of the pair, he succeeds in all areas where the walrus fails. The walrus is an odd shape and that means using a Mini-Mates base body and putting custom pieces on them. I seriously cannot pick this figure up without at least one part coming off. I don't understand why they think he needs all that articulation if it means body parts falling off constantly.

Anyway, a huge thanks to Jboy for hooking me up with all this!
You can see what I sent him on his blog.


  1. Nice! The League is awesome yet again...

    1. Jboy always goes above and beyond when he sends stuff

  2. Glad you liked everything Dex and sorry that Atari 2600 van was stapled back to it's package this was how I found it sadly.

    1. Not a problem, I'm just happy to finally get one.

  3. I keep staring at those Secret Saturday toys. Such an under rated show.

    1. Couldn't agree more. At least they were able to wrap it up decently.