Apr 5, 2013

Halloween Garage - Return of Rigor Motor

Well, wouldn't you know it. The very next day after I picked up three new rides for the Halloween Garage, I found another one! This one was found at a local closeout chain called Special Thoughts. Oddly enough, it's also where I found the last two cars of the same make.

As I mentioned when I picked up the last two, this is a great Halloween themed car. How can you go wrong with a coffin on wheels? It's clear this design was influenced by The Munsters car Dragula. Plus it's got skulls on either side of the radiator and a giant bat hood ornament.

hot wheels rigor motor coffin skull bat toy car

I think I'm going to start hunting down more variations of this car even if the color scheme isn't exactly Halloween in nature.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, jboy. I need a new expansion for the garage!

  2. You've had some pretty good car buying luck lately! I guess Special Thoughts is the place to be. :)

    1. The funny thing is, most of the cars I'm finding are at least 10 years old. I'm curious where this toy limbo is and why they've been there for so long.