Apr 8, 2013

Mailbox Invaders - Boxsome!

Hey, have you heard of Boxsome? It's a cool new mail order site run by Tommy of Tophat Sasquatch. For the low price of $7, you can pick two wax packs of 80s trading cards and he tosses in a bunch of other cool stuff like pogs, stickers and loose trading cards.

Unlike some other sites, there's no subscription, you just order when you want. And since you get to pick your own card packs you know you're getting something you'll really like.

I recently snagged a couple packs of Topps' Dinosaurs Attack! and here's what I got.

boxsome nostalgia pack dinosaurs attack

In addition to my card packs, I got a couple of Darkwing Duck sticker book stickers, a few Pogs and other assorted cards. Love that Donkey Kong sticker! Of course I had to open the card packs, I mean, why else would you buy them? I also learned a couple things...

dinosaurs attack bubble gum

After 25 years of sitting in the pack, the gum is not your friend. (I'm not sure if it ever was but I was kinda looking forward to chomping on a piece of childhood. You never forget that taste.) I'm not sure what the brown spots are on the gum but...ew. Whatever chemical breakdown the gum experienced has also infected the card below it.  Also, the gum has caused all the cards to warp a little bit, nothing putting them under a heavy book won't fix.

If you're not familiar with Dinosaurs Attack! it was inspired by other gory sets Topps had done in the past, especially Mars Attacks! For whatever reason, in 1988 the idea just didn't fly with the public. Collectors on the other hand, knew something cool when they saw it.
Comic publisher IDW recently announced their plans to do a new comic series.

dinosaurs attack topps 1988

Here's a closeup of some of the cards I got. The backs of the cards vary: some have news reports, some have captioned photos and some have army dispatches but they all help tell the story of the reptilian raiders.
If you want to see the whole set, check 'em out on Flickr.


  1. Cool! Love those Mars and Dino Topps cards they really had some amazing art.

  2. When I was a kid, my Dad would take me over to Scoobies toys, and I'd get a pack of Dinosaurs Attacks cards.

    I had the complete set at one time.