Apr 27, 2013

Mailbox Invaders - Loot Crate April 2013

I'd been wanting to check out the geek subscription service Loot Crate for awhile now. As part of my "spending celebration" for getting a job I plunked down for 3 months worth of deliveries. If you do more than 1 month at a time you end up saving money.

Each month's crate has a theme to it and when I saw April's was "token", as in arcade, I was in! Although I'm still sad I missed the Star Wars and Doctor Who Crates recently.

Here's what I ended up getting.

The Crate (after being opened)

After digging out the cool stuff, I noticed the bottom of the box...

I know, I know. You're screaming "What's in the box?!" like Brad Pitt by now...

loot crate april 2013 token arcade video game street fighter mario

  • A couple pieces of "arcade candy."
  • A Mushroom Kingdom cinch bag. The inventory card in the box tells me this bag was available as a prize at arcades that had sit down 1 vs 1 Mario Cart games.
  • Street Fighter Guile Vs Bison keychain. The back has a move for each character.
  • Street Fighter Blind Boxed Vinyl Figure by KidRobot. I got E Honda. I would have preferred almost any other character!
  • A game token from 8-Bit Zombie
  • And my favorite thing...
loot crate april 2013 token arcade video game space invaders candy tin LEGO alien

A Space Invaders cabinet candy tin! The LEGO aliens weren't included, but the candy inside is in the shape of our favorite pixelated predators. This will be going right next to my other cabinet tin for Pac-Man. I hope this company keeps making more. I want a mini-arcade!

The Verdict
Do I feel like it was worth what I spent? Absolutely! I was fairly certain I'd enjoy this month's delivery because of my love for classic video games and arcade culture. Plus, the experience of discovering what's in the box as you open it is a lot of fun. There's only a couple things I totally love in the box but the rest will probably find its way to other bloggers.

Will I keep subscribing? That's up in the air. I'm still good for the next 2 months so we'll see.

I think what I'd prefer is to have a subscription but then being able to opt in when you find out the theme. For example, I still have 2 months left and I could pass or use 1 month when the theme is announced so that I could save it for something I know I'll really like.

So, if you think you might want to check out Loot Crate, head over to their site using this link and if enough of you sign up, I get a free Crate. Everybody wins! You can also scope out the site and see what goodies were shipped in previous months to help you decide.

You definitely get value for your coin, it's just a question of will you like what you get?


  1. Nice review, I'm having a lot of fun with these. I was a bit bummed two of the items in the box came from the same franchise. I think the "token" category was broad enough that two Street Fighter items could have been avoided.