Mar 28, 2013

League Post - Young Love

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This week brings another slightly vague topic from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers

When I was a kid, my favorite _______ was _______.

The idea was originally proposed by Cal from Canadian Cave of Cool as your favorite childhood movie. While I could still answer it that way, for me it's a "No Duh" question.
One that I can reflexively answer without even thinking about it.

But this is partly where I'm going with my reply. When I was a kid, my favorite toys were also Star Wars. To get even more specific, the Hammerhead action figure.

kenner hammerhead action figure star wars

To this day, I still couldn't tell you exactly why this guy stood out to me as a kid. Sure, I liked aliens and monsters as much as the next kid but ol' Hammerhead was without a doubt my bestie, I remember bringing him around with me. Was it the soothing aqua of his one piece jumper/tunic? Was is his gnarly, veiny skin that kinda looks like a tree? Was it the unique head shape? Or was it his sideways glancing, shifty eyes? Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Walrus Man?
Back in '78, there wasn't the glut of action figures to choose from like there is today. Star Wars pretty much started the 3.75" size standard. Before that it you had to get your action in 12": G.I. Joe, Barbie or Mego. Smaller figures meant easier portability for kids and more bang for a parent's buck (ie: more figures!)

Just seeing any of these little guys is like being able to see the pure essence of my childhood. Having epic battles and adventures, either alone or with friends. Taking toys to the nearby swamp or outside is the winter to photograph my own scenes (wish I still had those pics). Making up my own stories because at the time, all we had were the movies, a weird Marvel comics series (I still want a Jaxxon figure, non-ironically even) and a few Han Solo books.

Sure, they only have five points of articulation and in some cases barely resembled the actors but at the time, we didn't care. Having figures that were close enough was good enough. Before getting a Millennium Falcon for my guys to cruise around in, I used The Eagle from Space:1999. It was still a pretty cool ship!

I still have foggy memories of getting the Early Bird Kit and eventually, the figures themselves. The other big memory I still vaguely have is of my dad calling a toy store at a mall 45 minutes away to see if they had Yoda because none of the local stores had him. Ah, the days when phone books were still a thing. Thanks, dad!

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  1. I was actually going to include Hammerhead in my contribution this week, too (but I ended up going with my first Star Wars love.)

  2. Sucks I had to miss this topic. I'm not surprised to see Star Wars here!