Mar 8, 2013

Friday Funnies

We're getting more snow here in New England...hooray. As a consequence, you get a not very well planned out post today with some random comic panels from the 50s and 60s.

poison quill at midnight

Egads! A flying poisoned quill! It's probably possessed or something but I prefer to think there's an assassin that specializes in ironically killing off authors.

specters in shaft 13

It's ok, Red, don't hurry. Roger is obviously not in any serious danger of being choked because he's able to yell for help.

the thing that grew

I got a lot of hits from a previous Friday Funnies post with a panel titled "The Big Snake." I wonder how "The Thing That Grew!" will do? Also, this guy needs to get out more as he's obviously never seen Jurassic Park.

mr miggs from mercury

It's been awhile since I pulled this panel so I don't remember how the story went.
He looks like a less cheery intergalactic version of Mary Poppins.

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