Mar 22, 2013

Halloween Garage - New Rides

Nothing says it's spring like buying a new car, right? Well, I bought three!

One of the local malls has a store called Little Shop of Treasures and they've got all kinds of pop culture goodies both modern and vintage. They had a spinner of Hot Wheels by the entrance so I decided to have a look and walked away with three new additions
 to the ol' Halloween Garage.

None of these are specifically Halloween themed but I think they're better than most of the ones in last year's Halloween 5-pack.

First is Evil Twin which has had close to 20 releases since 2001. This 2002 version was #1 of 4 in a series called Grave Rave. I actually found one of the other cars, Rigor Mortis, at a closeout store last year. It's got some kooky cartoon skulls.
 I could totally see this in a look Dia De Los Muertos parade, possibly with hydraulics.

2002 hot wheels grave rave evil twin

Next is Shoe Box from 2002. Why is it called Shoe Box? If I had to guess I'd say it's because of the shape. But that is just a guess. How this design hasn't ended up in a Halloween pack is a mystery. It's got spiderweb highlights and eerie green flames. It even says "Ghost Rider" on the hood. Just don't tell Johnny Blaze.

2002 hot wheels show box

Last is a Halloween classic: the hearse. You can never go wrong with a hearse! I've seen other versions of this car but they're usually painted to look like a woody wagon. This 2003 version of 8 Crate just says hearse to me! Only there's not much room for an extra body in this ride. The "cargo" space is taken up by a huge motor under the purple tinted moon roof.

2003 hot wheels 8 crate hearse


  1. These are sweet! I really like the Shoe Box one.

    1. I couldn't pass it up with the spider web highlights on it

  2. Great finds! I'd love to have one of these in a regular car size. The hearse is my favorite. There's almost a glow coming from inside.

    1. I held a small LED flashlight over it to show off the purple tinted windows and roof. I actually found another Rigor Mortis today so there will be another post on that sometime.