Mar 20, 2013

League Post - Guilty Pleasures

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Another, fairly vague topic for the League assignment this week:

Guilty Pleasures

 There's plenty of things about me that someone might put on their own list
  • I love 80s glam/hairbands
  • I purposely seek out bad movies
  • I still collect toys and comic books

    But this is all me and nothing I wouldn't admit to anyone on the virtual street.
    So what is the thing I keep under wraps?

    Bubblegum pop

    Now, I'm no Belieber. I've never heard an entire song by him and if I have any choice, I never will. I also don't go all teenage girl and plaster my walls with posters but I enjoy some pop music.
I liked Britney's early stuff before she went all shave your head crazy.
I also downloaded just about every remix I could get my digital hands on.
I'm a sucker for remixes in general anyway.

I listened to this album waaaaay more than any man my age at the time should have.
All I can say is, it's a good thing they can't put you on the sex offender watch list based on what music you listen to.

These guys are the only current bubblegum pop I enjoy. I do like a little JT on occasion but I think he's above the bubblegum pop label.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for catchy, upbeat pop music.

What are other Leaguers confessing to?
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  1. Have you heard any of Britney's unreleased stuff? There's quite a lot of it, and much of it is even better than some of the songs that ended up being album filler or actual singles. Check out "Kiss You All Over," a rejected track from the Blackout era. ( It's rough and unpolished but you can hear the potential for an awesome song there.

    She did a cover of The Jet's "You Got It All" during her early days which I love, because it's a hard song to sing and shows off Britney's unique vocal style: throaty, breathy and extra notes all over the place.

    1. No, I never quite dove into it that much. I check out that song and I don't care for the music/beat behind it. The vocals are good but the music is right on the line of where I won't want to listen to it.

      My new obsession is AKB48, who did the "Sugar Rush" theme for Wreck-It Ralph. Even though I can't understand most of the words, the chorus is catchy as hell.