Mar 14, 2013

League Post - Seeing Red

Another photo assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers this week!
The topic: I'm Seeing Red

 I decided to go in a more local direction with the topic as I'm too lazy to set up a bunch of red things and photograph them. And you might even do some learnin'.

Red's Sandwich Shop is located in downtown Salem MA. They have great home-cooked food, reasonable prices and big servings. Seriously, you don't order a stack of pancakes here unless you need to feed your family. One pancake is bigger than your plate!

Red's Sandwich Shop Salem MA restaurant

Even though it's in the middle of downtown, it's near a pedestrian mall off the main street so tourists may miss it. But I make a point to bring any visitors there because it's that good! If you look just SW on that map link, you'll see a park area with trees which is where the
Witch Trial Memorial is located.

Good eats aside, this building has some notable history. That red line on the sidewalk is the Salem Heritage Trail, a free walking tour of the city. You can do it on your own with a map or seasonally, there are folks in period costume that will lead and narrate the tour.

Red's Sandwich Shop Salem MA restaurant London Coffee House 1698

You can see this sign in the building photo on the left side. I think it's a neat bit of history to be able to grab lunch in a place where Patriots (real ones, not the football team) met before the Revolution. Every town has that one place where the "locals" go and for me, it's Red's.

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  1. interesting take, I like it!

  2. I love Red's and the pancakes !

  3. When I get to New England, we'll have to get some pancakes. That place looks great.