Mar 6, 2013

League Post - Hake's Shopping Spree

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers challenges me to a shopping spree!

You have very deep pockets but your shelves are bare. Go on a shopping spree at Hake’s Americana and Collectibles to make your place a little more awesome.

The challenge is that I'm limiting myself to three things.
There's so much cool stuff but where to start?

Naturally, my first search was for Star Wars items. While they have some vintage (and by that I mean truly vintage from the 70s/80s) carded figures, they're not doing much for me. But this...

Kenner Alien figure 1979
Alien auction

I know this 18" tall guy is on a lot of collectors' lists and with a box in decent shape? Ohhh yeah! This was made by Kenner in 1979 and probably the first action figure from an R rated movie. Had I seen this on the shelf back then even without any idea about the movie, I would have been clamoring for it. And then it would have been inflicting untold horrors on my Star Wars figures with its snapping jaws and glow-in-the-dark brain.

And I was still browsing the Space/SciFi stuff when this next piece screamed at me.

Strato Gun toy cap gun 1955
Strato Gun auction
This gorgeous piece of retro goodness is actually a cap gun! I think it was a law before that whole "orange cap in the gun barrel" thing that all toy guns containing metal had to shoot caps. I absolutely love the retro future scifi aesthetic and I would get a nice custom stand/case to show this off.

I also did a bit of poking around for anything Halloween or Creature from the Black Lagoon related but nothing really grabbed my attention. But I did find some sweet Viewmaster reels.

Addams Family Viewmaster reels
Viewmaster auction
I'm scooping up this lot just for the Addams Family one. I don't give a bat's ass about Dark Shadows and I'll probably only keep the Munsters ones if they have Uncle Gilbert.

As Shawn points out in the comments, the Munsters and Addams Family images can be viewed at View Master World. Head over there and check the bottom of the page to see what else they have.

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  1. Those View Master reels would be awesome. Have you scoped the View Master World blog?

    Also, I'm still taken aback by that Kenner Alien figure. Can't wait for the Super7 release of the Kenner 3.75" Alien figures. I think those are coming this year?

    1. Wow, that's Viewmaster site is cool! I think I may have to contact them. We bought a box of reels at a thrift shop last year thinking they'd be worth something. Turns out, not much but if they can use them for the site, I'm ok breaking even.

      I'm hoping those Alien figs don't go for a lot. I'd like to get a few Aliens ti square off against my other 3.75s.