Jun 18, 2012

Pop Art #3

Here we are with the penultimate installment of the summer soda art extravaganza. 
You can find the previous entries here and here.
And as an added bonus, I changed up the background this week!

Purple Palooza
Guzzle from the grapevine!
Purple Palooza amps up the grape and puts the rest to shame.
Open wide, sip back and rock out. Epic refreshment awaits.

I like the taste of grape soda but can never drink too much at once otherwise I exeprience "sugar overload sickness."
The character reminds me of The Misfits face with his devil-lock.
Verdict: I think this is only the third variety of grape soda I've had after generic store brand and Fanta. It's about on par with Fanta.

Sour Apple Shock 
You've never picked an apple like this before. 
Sour Apple Shock has the tart taste that will jolt you to your core. 
So what do you say? Pucker up.

I like sour gummy candies and sour apple flavor so this seemed like a good one.
Verdict: Too much sour for me! Couldn't drink more than a few sips.

Cotton Candy Commander
 Enough with the fluff and puffy, let's get down to some serious Cotton Candy consumption!
This Commander's kicks tongues and taking names.
Now drop down and give me twenty ounces!

We've been known to go to local carnivals just to get cotton candy.
Verdict: Yup, it tastes like cotton candy in soda form!


  1. I still want to drink some of these up! Yum.

  2. Like you, I like the grape soda flavor, but never really drink much of it mostly because it gives wicked heartburn. But this Purple Palooza seems to have a much lower acid content. Anyway, the flavor was joyous and free form my grape soda side effects. Easily the best grape soda I've ever had! And for $.88, you can't lose.

    1. Hmm, I wonder if it's the acid that gives me the sick feeling from other grape soda and not the sugar...