Jun 8, 2012

New Stuff: Rigor Motors & LEGO Nerd

I was checking out a store called Special Thoughts, which is similar to Big Lots, when I found a couple of new additions for my Halloween Garage. I'm always super jealous of other toy bloggers who have cool backgrounds to put their toys in. I took the cheap route and printed out a desert highway photo and folded it in half at the horizon line to make a backdrop.

Your eyes don't deceive you, they are two different versions of the same car: Rigor Motor. A quick check of the Hot Wheels Wiki shows this car has been around since 1992 and has had more than 20 releases! Come to find out I have at least two other versions that were Wal-Mart and Target Halloween exclusives in recent years. I have a lot of cars in my Halloween Garage so it's not surprising I don't remember what's parked in there.

The above version is from 1998 and the card still had an old price sticker from Bradlees on it. In addition to it basically being a coffin on wheels, I love the bat at the front of the car and the skulls alongside the radiator.

This 2002 version is a little more Halloween-y in nature. It was part of a series called "Grave Rave," which it says on the top of the coffin.

Also in my travels I picked up another Series 7 LEGO minifig for kicks. Still hoping to get a Red Riding Hood to go with my Wolfman. This guy's official name is Computer Programmer but let's face it, he's a nerd! His tiny laptop even opens! Still debating if I'm going to hold on to him or put him up for trade bait...


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    1. Thanks, jboy! It came out a lot better than I was expecting.

  2. HEY! My background is whatever angle I'm getting off my Bar as I take the pictures :) Pictures look really good !!