Jun 6, 2012

League Post - Top 10 Movies

I picked quite the week to jump back into the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!
The open ended assignment: put together a Top 10 Movies list. Doing a personal Top 10 would be a fairly rote exercise with few surprises so I decided to do...

My Top 10 Vincent Price Movies

10. Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

When you think Vincent Price, chances are your first though isn't comedy. This movie is zany! Where else can you see a boat on wheels being pursued by a cable car? It's also got quite a few in-jokes for fans of Price and/or bikini beach movies. Also, the opening titles are done by Art Clokey, Gumby's creator.

9. The Tomb of Ligeia

It's still odd to see a mustache-less Price. He does tortured very well in this flick. The first, but not last, entry with Roger Corman and Poe...

8. Masque of the Red Death

Probably the most visually stunning movie on this list. The use of color is a thing of beauty here.

7. The Tingler

This one would probably not even make my Top 10 if it weren't the brainchild of William Castle. There is a scene where the creature gets into a movie theater and causes the power to go out. This in turn causes a black picture/screen which would mean you'd be sitting in total darkness watching this in a  theater while the audience in the movie is screaming and random seats buzzed under people causing further chaos. Genius! Castle is the king of gimmick cinema.

6. The Mad Magician

Not one of the more well known Price films but quickly became a favorite due to the stage magic angle.

5. Witchfinder General 

In my opinion, Price is often at his best when he's being bad and in this one, he's a real bastard! Until somewhat recently, this wasn't readily available on DVD.

4. The Abominable Dr. Phibes/Dr. Phibes Rises Again!

Forget Freddy, Jason and Michael, Doctor Phibes is the real deal! The sequel's not as good as the original but I love this villain.

3. House on Haunted Hill

Absolutely fantastic dark house film. Price's verbal sparring with his wife is wonderful. Just watched the colorized version a couple months ago.

2. The Last Man on Earth

To be followed by The Omega Man and I Am Legend, this is the original movie adaptation of the short story I Am Legend. I'm may be a little biased, but I say it's the best. Price is the only speaking character for most of the movie. He pulls it off effortlessly and keeps you watching. This is like a feature length Twilight Zone episode. Have to track down the colorized version to check it out.

1. The Comedy of Terrors

We started with comedy and we're ending with it, although a bit darker. I adore this movie. You can't really ask for a better cast. Price and Lorre make quite the comedy team as a pair of undertakers who have to resort to making new clients.

Honorable Mentions That Barely Didn't Make the List
The Raven

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  1. Nice!I started seeking out Vincent Price movies after I watched Edward Scissorhands the first time.Before that I only knew him from The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo.

    1. I think I subconsciously block out Scissorhands when thinking about Price's movies. I love the movie but seeing him in it always makes me a little sad because it was near the end of his life.

  2. WOW! Quite a list....have not seen any of these but will soon! I really like old movies like these...lets you use your imagination more than now!

    1. BTW.. You were interested before and I came across another Optimus Prime Robot Heroes pointing finger...if you want it its yours.

    2. Oh no, I have one I'm looking to find a home for =)

    3. Ooops! I thought you meant you needed one! Oh well, next time :)

  3. Did you ever hear the story about Price and Witchfinder General director Michael Reeves? Apparently Reeves commented on Price's performance and wanted a reshoot of a scene. Price, angry at being told how to perform the scene, said, ''My boy. I've starred in over fifty movies. How many have you directed?'' to which Reeves replied, ''Three. Good ones.''

    Price apparently had a newfound respect from him from then on and they got on really well.

    1. Ha, I don't recall if I heard that particular story. I do remember reading there was trouble on the set. Love your avatar

  4. Great list! I haven't seen as much Vincent Price as I would have liked to, so I really want to remedy that. My father was a Hammer Horror fan, so I saw more of those movies growing up. I particularly want to see 'The Comedy of Terrors'. I keep hearing good things about that movie and what a cast!

    1. Until a few years ago, I'd never seen a Hammer film. There was a UHF tv channel that had Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons and that's where I got most of my monster education as a kid.
      Then a few years ago I had a Hammer summer where I watched all the Dracula and Frankenstein movies along with a couple of the Mummy ones. I think my favorites so far have been the movies that aren't part of a series, although Frankenstein Created Woman is probably my favorite out of the series movies.