Jun 22, 2012

Revenge of Fangula!

Just a little over two months ago, I posted about a Fangula car that I found with a Halloween deco scheme and I even mentioned in that post how it was a pretty sinister ride especially the black/red variant.

And what did I happen upon recently but that same variant. Hot Wheels wiki says Fangula has only been around since 2010 but has had five releases. I think I have the best two. I have seen the white/pink version and will be passing on it, thank you.

When I saw it in the store I thought I may have had it already but surprisingly no. If anyone knows of a decent way to keep track of a collection, please let me know. It's kind of difficult to make a list because not all the cars I own have their name printed on the underbody. Makes it hard to figure out what's what!

I think after this Halloween (if not before!) I'm going to have to acquire an additional case to hold all my creepy rides!

I really like the look of this color scheme but I wish they'd used chrome on the engine block instead of black, like it is on the card.

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  1. I think this one is pretty outstanding Dex now they need to make one with Rob Zombie in the drivers set.