Jun 11, 2012

Pop Art #2

Bringing you the next installment of the exciting Cumberland Farms Soda saga! I did go back and update the first post with my verdict on the flavors. On to the next batch!

Something interesting (to me anyway) that I've noticed with these is that they are called sodas but have a carbonation level between soda and sparkling beverages.

This crazy concoction has the lemonade stand on lockdown. 
It's fizzy, furious, and just busting to break out. 
So beware; Lemonaze is on the loose.

As previously stated, I do like my lemonade during the summer.
Verdict: It's a Goldilocks of lemonades, not too tart or sweet. 
I usually prefer when it leans more one way or the other.

Berry Backlash
Don't let his looks deceive you.
He's berry, berry serious about thirst quenching.
So open wide, Berry Backlash coming through.

Verdict: Not blueberry flavored as I feared.
Has a good all around generic "blue soda" berry flavor.

Red Rage
Tackle thirst from the top rope. 
Red Rage is the very cherry flavor that slams your taste buds and never stops. 
Pour it on.

Verdict: Have you ever used cherry Chloroseptic throat spray? That's the after taste this soda leaves you with only not as bitter.


  1. You know i read the first post on these but never commented on them but reading about these new ones here it makes me wish i could try them all.

  2. Cool! I like chloraseptic! Now I can enjoy the flavor without the numbing goodness :)

  3. I would buy the shit out of some Red Rage and add it to the wrestling collection.