Sep 14, 2011

Star Wars Wednesday - UK Palitoy ads

Well, here we are just a few days away from the BluRay release in the US and the UK has had theirs already. All the rumors swirling around the interwebs about changes Ol' George has made to the movies of our childhood have been confirmed as real. It's not putting me off the BluRay release one bit.

I'm really more excited about the bonus content in the set than the actual movies. I'll get around to watching the movies at some point because I'm curious to see how earth shattering the changes are to my viewing experience. Granted, we got used to the Special Editions eventually...didn't we? If not, we can go back to a copy of the movie pre-SE release.

And that actually gets me to wondering about the newer generations of fans that will only know the SE or these versions as the version they grew up with. Do they even care about the changes made to the "boring, old movies"?

Enough rambling from me, let's set the Wayback Machine to early 1980s and visit the UK!
Also be sure to swing by the Tumblr today as it'll have more Star Wars goodness.

I like how this ad takes complete liberty with the ESB storyline. 
That space battle sure does look vicious, doesn't it? "BZZZZZZZ" 
The "Skycity" scene looks like they are standing on clouds!

Taken from UK Star Wars ESB #134
A mail away offer for a collector's case?! I'm pretty sure we never had anything like that in the US. All I remember is figures and the Action Figure Survival Kit with gas masks, guns and backpacks which is also included in this ad.

Last, and maybe least, is a mail offer for Dengar. Least exciting mail away figure? Sure, he's a bounty hunter but arguably the least cool of the lot. And for Jedi we'd get offers for Nein Nunb, Ackbar and Jedi robe Anakin. Ok, maybe Jedi Anakin wins the least exciting mail away figure award. Of course I got him, but what could you do with him when you were playing? Where was I? Oh right, Dengar...


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