Sep 19, 2011

Mail Order Monday - Zither (1951)

I wasn't around in the 50's, but for a decade known for spawning Rock N Roll music I can't imagine the zither being the most popular instrument. Actually, I can't imagine it being popular except at Renn faires. If you play the zither, by all means, let me know and I'll interview you.

Apparently the portability of the zither is a big selling point. Do people enjoy zither music on a canoe ride? I'd guess they want you to paddle instead of hit the strings. And house-party? Great, now I have an image of Kid N' Play using zithers...honestly, it's just Kid. Who even remembers what Play looks like?

They claim it's so easy to learn with the included music charts you'll soon be playing any song you want. If you can play me some Yngwie Malmsteen on this thing, you truly are a music god.

The order form made me wonder when the last time was I heard COD. Growing up I always heard TV commercials for products that were COD but never experienced it myself. Today, I think the only COD businesses left are restaurants.

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