Sep 16, 2011

Famous Last Words Friday - A-Haunting We Will Go

Nothing quite says "I'll show 'em" like going into a remote haunted house all by yourself. In order to "show 'em" you kinda have to...what's the phrase I'm looking for? Oh yes, make it back alive. You might want to consider something else like a drinking contest or a drag race at Dead Man's Curve.

You may have noticed the adorable Dr. Phibes over there on the right. Every year bloggers around the interwebs participate in the Countdown to Halloween by posting about all things Halloween for the month of October.I'm cheating a little since there's still 45 days to Halloween.

I will be holding a little Halloween contest here soon so keep checking back and feel free to click on the good doctor to find out more about the Countdown to Halloween.

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