Sep 12, 2011

Mail Order Monday - 1980 Winter Olympics Mascot

I remember collecting these banana stickers during the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics. As I mentions in the ad, there was a "collector card" you could find in stores to help keep track of your stickers. I know I had to tape mine to the card. If you've ever tried to reuse a sticker from a banana, you know they don't hold up too well.

There was just something about the design that really grabbed me. Maybe it was my young age, maybe I found a cartoon raccoon playing sports amusing or maybe a little of both.

I seem to remember having a plush of the mascot but I don't recall if I sent away for it or if I'd gotten it somewhere else.

Fun fact: The mascot was named Roni after the Adirondack Mountains.

Image via MentalFloss

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