Oct 2, 2019

Addams Family Funko Pops

I don't have anything against the Munsters but I'm an Addams man through and through. I feel like the Munsters get all the merch love but that's going to change! Whether or not the new animated movie is worthy of the Addams name remains to be seen but if nothing else, it's getting some new merch out there for the fans.
This black & white set of Gomez and Morticia is only available from Entertainment Earth.

When I first saw there were Pops coming based on the TV series, I wanted to get them all. But now that I have these two (the only B&W ones) it puts me in a pickle. If I want to get the whole family, do I only get the rest of them in color or do I need to get Gomez & Morticia in color as well? I mean, it will look a little odd to have just the parents in B&W wouldn't it? If the whole family was available in color and B&W I'd easily choose to get them all in B&W. Ah, the conundrums of being a collector.

You may notice the lack of two important family members on the back of the box: Lurch and Thing. They're supposedly only available from Funko-Shop online but I have yet to see them. There's also a Walgreens exclusive Uncle Fester with light bulb and a Gomez chase Pop of him with a sword.

As usual, Funko did an amazing job on these. The tiny details like Gomez's pocket square and jacket buttons as well as Morticia's jewelry and "spider leg" dress are all spot on.

Of course we probably wouldn't be getting these right now if the movie wasn't coming out. Naturally there are movie inspired versions of them as well.

Even though the animated versions are based on the original comic strip appearances, I'm probably going to pass on these. If I get any, it would be Gomez and Wednesday.

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