May 23, 2017

My First Light Saber

I guess a more accurate title would be my first Kenner light saber. I'm sure before I got this one I was using cardboard tubes and flashlights and making the sounds while swinging it.

But this is what we got in 1978, kids...

Your eyes don't deceive you, the package does say inflatable sword!

Image from 2 Warps to Neptune
Not exactly the dream of every kid hoping for a magical space sword. It's basically a flashlight with am inflatable plastic attached to it. A yellow tube! Not that 8 year old me really cared, I mean the figure of Luke had a yellow light saber, right?

Secrets of the Jedi revealed! The source of a light saber's power? 2 D batteries.
Also, they work best in dimly lit areas. This is because (as I remember) the tube wasn't even as transparent as your standard balloon when shining a light through it.

They also include a patch kit in case your light saber takes a really bad hit while you're out battling Sith Lords and saving the galaxy.

It was the 70s and we were glad to have anything that said Star Wars on it.


  1. I have never seen the inflatable lightsabers, but I was always envious of my friend Ron who had the plastic saber that made the whooshing sound when you would swing it!

    1. I did get one of those when they came out, they were pretty cool! And much more durable to whack things with since it was a solid plastic tube.
      I somehow ended up with the cardboard store display for it, sadly it was not full of lightsabers lol