May 17, 2017

Krampus in the Corner

Towards the end of last year, I backed a Kickstarter called Krampus in the Corner, a parody of everyone's least favorite holiday toy Elf on the Shelf. Although he didn't arrive in time for the 2016 holiday season, I couldn't wait to share him with you so you can be sure to get yours for this year if you want one. And honestly, why would you not?

If they can do Christmas in July, why not Krampus in May?

The Krampus plush is 12" tall and oh so ready to judge your actions year round. The book is 32 pages, features 16 full color illustrations, and is most definitely not for young children!

Here's a full view of ol Krampus. He's got chains on his wrists to tie up the naughty as well as a swatch of sticks for punishment. What's the red harness for, you ask?

It's to hold the basket where he puts the naughty kids! This is such a great detail.
And the cutest bit disturbing for a plush toy.

Here's a sample of what you'll find in the book. There are a few illustrations that are not exactly kid friendly. I mean, they're not gory but definitely not for bedtime! I really like the art style and would love to see an animated short with this Krampus, he's got a lot of character.

If you want to put a Krampus in your Corner, head over to Silent Orchid Studio. You can get Krampus, the book, or postcards and buttons featuring the artwork. I highly recommend Krampus and the book, well worth it!


  1. If you're in to Krampus stories, check out A Christmas Horror Story on Netflix.

    1. I caught that one last year, excellent flick!

  2. "oh so ready to judge your actions year round" Haha! This is great! I just remembered to check in on your blog because I thought I'd find something about Krampus here. (I got a sneak peek with one of those Flickr emails) This Krampus is cute (funny as that sounds) and a clever spoof on the elf on a shelf!

    1. I sort of wish he didn't have that basket permanently attached. I was thinking it would be fun to look for Elf on the Shelf clothes after the holiday season this year to dress him up.