May 22, 2017

Happy 40th Star Wars!

It's the biggest birthday party in the galaxy!
Star Wars turns 40 this Thursday and to celebrate, I'll be posting stuff every day focusing on the 1977-1980 time frame when all we had was the original Star Wars.

Today, we're jumping in the way back machine to see what it was like to grow up as a Star Wars kid. If you want more old school Star Wars goodness, check out the amazing site I Grew Up Star Wars which features fan submitted photos.

Here's me holding The Story of Star Wars album. Back then, this was the closest thing we had to actually going to the theater to see the movie again. This was better than the read-along record and book sets because it used dialog from the movie. This was probably more responsible for me learning the lines than anything else.

You can hear the whole album below.

Here's a drawing my mom recently discovered from 1978.

In case you can't tell, it's a landspeeder! The lightsabers, R2, and Jawa are pretty spot on, I think. You can sort of see in the bottom right where I tried to do C-3PO but didn't like the way he came out and erased him. The funny thing is, I can still remember exactly what the markers looked like that I used to make this.

I don't remember what year this was but I want to say 79 or 80. I got to meet Darth in Providence RI of all places at a World of Wheels car show. I remember going to quite a few of these with my dad and seeing famous TV cars but this was definitely the best one!

Stay tuned all week for more Star Wars!


  1. That picture you drew back in the day is AMAZING! My parents didn't keep much of our stuff, but as a parent now I collect everything!

    1. It would probably not look much different if I tried to recreate it today!

  2. Awesome - love the old artwork.