May 24, 2017

Star Wars - The Big Bad Theory Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, almost 6 years ago (yikes!), the time between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back was just amazing. Star Wars was still new and no one had any ideas what would be in store for us in 1980. Fan speculation was all over the place and at that time, anybody could have been right!

Despite having only 12 minutes of screen time, Darth Vader immediatley became one of the most iconic villains in movie history.

Here are some pages from Famous Monsters of Filmland issue #142 (April 1978) with an interesting take on why Darth Vader may not be the bad guy you think he is. One of my favorite bits in this piece is how the author believes the Force itself to be neutral and that it's the user that is Light or Dark.

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