May 1, 2017

Monthly Movie Recap - April 2017

I can't believe it's May already! I remember it being January and thinking "When will May get here so I can see Guardians?!?"

Not a lot of flicks this month. Although I did start getting into Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix. I never watched him when he was on in the 90s. I loved Mr. Wizard on Nick when I was younger and I was into Beakman's World which came out a year before the Science Guy. The new show is not aimed at kids and you should check it out.

On with the movies!

I had no idea this movie even existed until a couple years ago when I saw it mentioned on Strange Kids Club. It's definitely a step or to above the average 80s slasher and most of that is due to the cast. In most slashers the kids are there for the body count but I really liked most of them and wanted them to make it.

Cool: Jason Alexander!? Requisite nudity and gore.
Lame: The worst thing about this one for me are the kill scenes, not the makeup effects but the actual composition of the kills. Because the weapon of choice is gardening shears, it makes for some awkward angles.

Rating: 7/10

Train to Busan (2016, Netflix)
Stumbled into this on Netflix and loved it. Yes, it's a zombie movie. Yes, it has most of the tropes you'd expect in a zombie movie. But since it's not a US movie, it's done a little differently than what you'd expect.

Cool: The characters! Much like The Burning, I was invested in some of the characters and was bummed when some of them died.
Lame: Seems like no matter where the zombie outbreak happens there's always that a-hole that endangers the survivors to save them self.

Rating: 8/10

*Rogue One (2016)
Still love it!

Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013, Netflix)
This is by the same animation company that did Gantz:O from last month. And like that movie, this is an existing franchise I knew nothing about. They do lay the story out so you can come into it blind and still have a good time. It's almost two hours but there's a good amount of sci-fi action to keep it going. His name is the title of the movie but he's not the main character. They go less is more with Harlock, which I guess they have to because he is such a bad ass.

Cool: Great character designs. Harlock's ship, Arcadia, is like the galactic Jolly Roger.
Lame: I wasn't as interested in the main character's relationships/story as I was pretty much everyone else.

Rating: 7/10

Month Total
 New: 3  Rewatch: 1

Year Total
 New: 18  Rewatch: 2

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