Mar 29, 2017

Funko Smuggler's Bounty - Rebels

Seems like this was some good timing on Lucasfilm's and Funko's parts as the box arrived just a couple days before the Rebels season finale aired.

Despite the box reminding me in huge letters that the theme is Rebels, it took me a minute to figure out the character is Ezra. Maybe it's because this is a look from a couple seasons ago.

Awesome! The patch and pin are my two favorite main characters: Zeb and Sabine!

A very cool shirt featuring the entire crew of the Ghost. Totally digging little Pop-ified Zeb baring his teeth but still very cute.

This was an extra long box which means extra figures!

Just like the Vader Hikari figure from the Rogue One box, this figure of Chopper is a few inches tall. Subscribers got one of a handful of random colors. I would have preferred an orange one because he's more associated with that color. It's not as transparent as it looks, I lit him up to show off his details. The foot in the bottom right is a better representation of what he looks like under room lighting.

Funko has started revealing an exclusive from each of their sub boxes in advance and for this one, it was Maul. I have to admit I wasn't thrilled about it. While it was fun to see him make a come back in the series, there are other characters I would have liked to see. But, having it in hand, it's a great looking Pop!

On the flip side of that coin, I was like a kid on Christmas when I saw Rex! He's been a favorite of mine since the animated Clone Wars series began way back when. I was genuinely excited to see him come back in Rebels so having this Pop be a surprise was amazing.

And that wraps up the penultimate Smuggler's Bounty post. I say every post it's going to be my last one and then they announce the next theme and I get pulled back in. Next theme? Star Wars' 40th Anniversary. How can I say no to that?


  1. I think this was the best box they've released yet. It's Rebels themed, included two POPs, and a Hikari mini? Sign me up!

    BTW, I also got the Black Chopper!

    1. It's definitely in my top 3 they've done. They really need to blow it out for the 40th.

  2. I actually got this box, too, but only because I knew in advance Rex would be part of it. Love the Hikari Chopper (and I got orange) and the shirt. But I'm lukewarm on the rest of it. Not going to do much with the patch or pin. And while I love Maul in TPM, I wasn't so keen on him in the animated series.

    I can't wait for the 40th of ANH box.

    1. I thought Maul coming back was kind of silly at first and they ended up doing some cool stuff with him.