Mar 7, 2017

Star Wars Rogue One Trading Cards - UK Starter Set

While trying to fill in the last few spots in my Force Awakens sticker book, I found that the Topps UK site sells individual stickers which allowed me to quickly get the last few I needed. While I was browsing the site, their Rogue One trading cards caught my eye. I figured since I was ordering from them already, I'd pick some up to check them out.

The do things a bit differently in the UK than they do in the US. You can buy a starter set which includes a binder with built in pages. Granted, the pages aren't the same quality if you were to buy them in the store but they do the job.

Also in the starter is a fold out poster/checklist. The green section on the right is for you to put the stickers on. While it's not something I'm doing I think it's a cool idea.

Rounding out the starter are front and back cover inserts. The reverse of the front has an image of our heroes, just in case you think the bad guys are getting all the glory. You also get a single pack of 8 cards and a limited edition Jyn Erso card. All that for £5!

Topps UK still has starter sets available and the individual packs of cards are now down to £1! The exchange rate is pretty good right now and the shipping is cheap. I would recommend buying a starter if you're getting card packs because they ship everything in a padded envelope and the starter's binder provides nice backing so there's less chance of cards getting dinged in transit.

Tune in on Thursday when I'll be showing off the cards.

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