Mar 15, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Pint Sized Heroes

Somehow Funko keeps finding new ways to sell characters. We had Pop Vinyl, Mystery Minis, Dorbz, Wobblers, Rock Candy, and probably another one or two I'm forgetting. Now comes Pint Sized Heroes! This line has been out for awhile but only recently did my favorite bunch of a-holes get their own series.

Each pack retails for about $4 and comes with one figure and a mini-poster/checklist.

You'll notice the checklist shows 6 exclusives, three in red and three in blue. Reds are a GameStop/ThinkGeek store exclusives while the blue can only be found in Hot Topic. But they don't tell you that anywhere in the packaging. If you were to only buy from one place, you'd be left wondering where you can get the other exclusives!

I'm not planning on chasing a regular set of these, much less trying to get six exclusives split between two stores. Although I know I'll be getting a few more because I need some form of Rocket and Groot!

When they say Pint Sized, they ain't kidding! 
These cute little figures come in at just around the one inch mark.

Let me tell you, for only being an inch high, these things have got some crazy amount of detail on them! Not only do they replicate the graphics on Quill's t-shirt but check out all the line work that makes up his clothes and remember this figure is a whole 1" high!

I love the way they capture Gamora's multi-hued hair.

When I first saw Russell  in the new trailer I thought it was Jeff Bridges for a minute.

That's all the Guardians goodies for now but with it being a known quantity this go round, I know they're going to merchandise it like it's Spaceballs. You can bet there will be more GotG posts in the coming month and a half!

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