May 4, 2016

Topps Star Wars Sticker Album

A happy May the 4th to all my fellow Star Wars fans out there!

I was very excited to find the new Topps Star Wars Sticker Album in Target recently. I think for a lot of us collectors, we like being able to revisit things from our childhood that brought us so much joy from a simpler time in our lives.

Of course, back in the day (and even now) I've collected my share of Topps Star Wars trading cards. When checking my local big box stores for the latest cards, I've always come across other Topps sticker books for sports or properties I had no interest in and I'd get a little reminder "Oh yeah, they used to make those for Star Wars." And now, they're finally back with the release of a new sticker series based on The Force Awakens.

It could be my memory, but the book seems to be of higher quality than I remember the original ones being. They've done something pretty cool with the pages instead of just retelling the movie. A lot of pages, like this one, tie the new movie back to some aspect of the originals. I think that's a great way to bring everything together.

I've only grabbed a few packs of stickers but so far it seems like there are 4 types of stickers: two sizes of movie shots, larger holofoil-ish sparkly ones, and...text? Who thought text stickers were a good idea? The first one I came across I thought they had started putting text on the back of the stickers like they do for trading cards.

As a kid, when I had extra stickers, I'd put them on notebooks or anywhere else a Star Wars sticker would look cool. Which, let's face it, is pretty much anywhere!

Collecting cards is fun but I like the sticker albums better. You can cross cards off your checklist as you get them, but there's something more satisfying about being able to flip through your completed sticker album and not see any empty spots. Plus, you have the added interaction of placing the stickers in the book. I remember when they used to have puzzle images that took multiple stickers to complete. The kid brain doesn't stop to think maybe you should wait until you get all the pieces before putting them in the book.

The only thing missing is a mail order form they used to include so that you could send away for those last few stickers that you needed. I think with the internet, I can get by without it.

For today, May 4th only, head over to Richard to grab his album "The Lounge Awakens" recorded live at the Mos Eisley Cantina for free!

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  1. And a great May the 4th (be with you) to you and yours, good Sir!!