May 27, 2016

Happy 105th, Vincent Price!

Today is the 105th anniversary of Vincent Price's birthday, always a cause for celebration around here! Today is also Christopher Lee's birthday (he's 94!) and yesterday was Peter Cushing's birthday. Talk about a trilogy of terror!

Here's a great video of Lee reminiscing about his horror cohorts.

Vincent Price has been getting a lot of love recently in the collectibles market, in no small part to the recent surge of Batman '66 stuff.

All these items are available from Entertainment Earth, just click the pic!

Batman Classic 1966 TV Series 2 Egghead 8-Inch Action Figure

Batman Classic 1966 TV Series Egghead Mini-Bust

He even got a mini figure as the Inventor in the Edward Scissorhands blind box set

Edward Scissorhands Not Finished Coll. Random Mini-Figure

And then there's this, which I am seriously thinking about ordering.
It looks amazing!

Vincent Price 1:6 Scale Action Figure

If you're a Price fan, I can't recommend enough that you subscribe to his daughter Victoria's blog. She frequently shares family photos and stories about her dad's legacy not just as a horror icon, but also as a human being. It's good, uplifting stuff. Something we all can use more of in the world.

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  1. We had forgotten... too much here at Present...
    Happy Birthday Mr. Price...!!!!